Every State’s Most Searched GIF

Want to know what GIF your state is searching for the most?

Whether you pronounce “GIF” with a hard or soft G, there’s no denying that the moving images have become a mainstay of internet culture. What better way to virtually share your emotions than to post a GIF of your favorite TV character acting them out for you?

Although GIFs have been popular online since the dawn of social media in the early 2000s, the first GIF was actually invented in 1987. That makes the GIF 35 years old this year!

To celebrate many more years of these iconic moving pictures, the team at GetWindstream wanted to find out each state’s most searched GIF. 


Each State’s Most Googled GIF



Popular GIF Breakdown

GIF search termNo. of states that have this as their most searched GIFNo. of GIFs on giphy.com

funny gif1282,293
yes gif1048,849
cat gif642,014
congratulations gif44,667
good morning gif45,346
happy birthday gif35,721
red gif338,206
ted lasso gif2263
thank you gif116,281
good night gif12,301
crying gif111,870
friday gif19,418
cool gif123,075
monday gif17,845
the office gif14,842


Interesting Findings

  • “Funny GIF” is the most googled GIF in the highest number of states this year, with 12 states searching it most. 
    • Giphy offers over 82,000 options classified as “funny GIF.” 
  • “Yes GIF” occupies the second most googled in the most states spot with 10 states looking up the GIF most. 
    • Giphy has almost 49,000 “yes” GIFs, with the most popular options including famous faces like Jack Nicholson, Jimmy Fallon, Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, and Oprah Winfrey.
    • Last year, “yes GIF”  was only one state’s most searched GIF.  
  • Last year’s most searched GIF in the most states was “happy birthday GIF,” with at least 16 searches per state. 
  • Connecticut searched “The Office GIF” the most and this might be because the show made references to the state multiple times (you might recognize the episode title, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Connecticut”).
  • Ted Lasso GIF” was the most searched GIF in Illinois and Pennsylvania this year. Go Greyhounds!  
  • Among Us, the popular video game that trended in 2020, was the most searched GIF in eight states in 2022.
  • The term “Baby Yoda GIF” was the most searched gif in 20 states from 2019-2021, making it the most searched GIF in our study.


Our Methodology

We used Google Trends-related queries to find the most searched GIFs across the United States over a span of five years. Based on those results, we then used the keyword research tool on Semrush to track and analyze the most relevant GIF searches across the country.



The most searched GIFs over the past 1, 2, and 5 years

In addition to finding the cumulative most searched GIF in each state over the past five years, we wanted to find out what was the most searched GIF in each state for 2022 alone. And then we figured—why not compare that to the most Googled GIFs from two and five years ago?

  • We found that Massachusettsans love to be on-trend. Five years ago, they searched for “dab GIF” the most. Right after The Mandalorian season one was released, they looked up “Baby Yoda GIF,” and then this past year? “dumpster fire” was the most searched GIF.
  • Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, and Maine are all about consistency: the most googled GIF from each of these states in every year we analyzed was “happy birthday.”
  • Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Michigan might need some self care. The most searched GIF from each of these states in the past year was “dumpster fire.”
StateTop GIFs in the last yearTop GIFs in the last 2 yearsTop GIFs in the last 5 years
Alabamagood morning gifgood morning gifgood night gif
Alaskacat gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
Arizonamonday gifbaby yoda gifcelebrate gif
Arkansasyes gifhappy birthday gifthank you gif
Californiafunny gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Coloradoyes gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Connecticutthe office gifhappy dance giffortnite gif
Delawaregood morning gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
District of Columbiacrying gifgood morning gifwhite guy blinking gif
Floridacongratulations gifamong us giffortnite gif
Georgiacongratulations gifaesthetic gifsfortnite gif
Hawaiithank you gifhappy birthday giffortnite gif
Idahocat gifgood morning gifgood morning gif
Illinoisted lasso gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Indianayes gifgood morning giffortnite gif
Iowayes gifexcited gifgood morning gif
Kansasyes gifbaby yoda gifmoney gif
Kentuckyyes gifbaby yoda gifgood morning gif
Louisianagood morning gifhappy dance giffortnite gif
Mainered gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
Marylandhappy birthday gifbaby yoda gifhappy anniversary gif
Massachusetts[D]red gifbaby yoda gifdab gif
Michiganyes gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Minnesotayes gifvirtual hug gifgood night gif
Mississippigood morning gifbirthday gifgif meaning
Missourifunny gifgood night giffortnite gif
Montanafunny gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
Nebraskayes giflaughing giffortnite gif
Nevadafriday gifthank you gifanime gif
New Hampshirefunny gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
New Jerseyhappy birthday gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
New Mexicogood night gifgood morning gifhappy birthday gif
New Yorkhappy birthday gifbaby yoda gifyikes gif
North Carolinacool gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
North Dakotafunny gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
Ohioyes gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Oklahomafunny gifi love you gifdilly dilly gif
Oregoncat gifcelebration gifgood morning gif
Pennsylvania[D]ted lasso gifbaby yoda gifblinking guy gif
Rhode Islandred gifhappy birthday gifgood morning gif
South Carolinacongratulations gifhappy anniversary giffortnite gif
South Dakotafunny gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
Tennesseefunny gifbaby yoda gifgood night gif
Texasfunny gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Utahfunny gifbaby yoda gifyay gif
Vermontcat gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif
Virginia[D]congratulations gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Washingtoncat gifbaby yoda gifhappy birthday gif
West Virginiacat gifhappy birthday gifgood morning gif
Wisconsinfunny gifbaby yoda giffortnite gif
Wyomingfunny gifhappy birthday gifhappy birthday gif

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