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  • Bundle services, save more.

  • Stream in high definition with high-speed internet.

  • Connect with friends and family with an added phone service.

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Kinetic by Windstream Bundles

Bundling your Kinetic by Windstream Internet package with phone service gives you the best bang for your buck. Stay connected with your friends both online and landline with the Windstream bundle below that fits your budget—give us a call when you’re ready to order!

100 Mbps + Kinetic Voice

for 3 years with AutoPay

See terms and conditions

  • 3-year price guarantee

  • Basic video streaming

  • Online shopping

  • Email

  • Unlimited nationwide calling

300 Mbps + Kinetic Voice

with AutoPay

See terms and conditions

  • 1-year price guarantee

  • Video conferencing

  • Hi-res video streaming

  • Online gaming

  • Multiple connected devices

  • Unlimited nationwide calling

1 Gig + Kinetic Voice

for 3 months with AutoPay
Price after 3 months: $94.99/mo

See terms and conditions

  • 2-year price guarantee

  • Glitch free-gaming

  • Seamless video conferencing

  • Instant hi-res streaming

  • Stronger connections for multiple devices

  • Unlimited nationwide calling

Windstream reward card
Windstream reward card

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Receive a $100 Kinetic Reward Prepaid Mastercard® with Internet Purchase*

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Kinetic Internet by Windstream: Seamless Connection

Get fast speeds at affordable prices with Kinetic Internet by Windstream. Kinetic by Windstream Internet packages can start at 100 Mbps, where you can stream your favorite shows with virtually no buffer and play online games with virtually no lag.

With our fastest speed available at 2 Gigs*, you’re in for a fully seamless online experience. Connect multiple devices without worrying about overloading your server. There are no overage costs or data caps either, so you can stream, upload, and download to your heart’s content. Find the Windstream internet package that works for you, and we’ll deliver the speed.

*Where Gig speed is available.

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Kinetic Voice by Windstream: The Choice is Loud and Clear

With Kinetic Voice by Windstream, you get unlimited calling, letting you catch up with your closest friends and family members for hours on end. Check in on Grandma, update your parents on your adventures, or talk about the latest TV drama with your bestie. No matter what you want to talk about, do it with Kinetic Voice by Windstream.

On top of that, when you get a Windstream Phone and Internet package together, you pay less per service! So save while you stay connected to those you love the most—it’s that simple!

Windstream bundles frequently asked questions

How much are Kinetic by Windstream and Phone packages?

Pricing for Windstream Internet and Phone packages varies based on which bundle you choose. Check out Kinetic Internet and Kinetic Voice by Windstream phone plans to see individual prices if you choose not to bundle.

Can I bundle my Windstream Business Services?

Yes, you can, but prices are different on the business side. Visit our Business Page for more information.

Can existing customers bundle Windstream internet or phone?

Absolutely! Call 1-833-815-1183 to speak to a Windstream representative to bundle your services today!

Where are Kinetic by Windstream packages available?

Windstream is not available everywhere, but it could be available in your area. Visit our Availability Page for more information.