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  • No annual contracts

  • No data caps

  • No overage charges

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3-Year Pricing Guarantee

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Reliable high-speed internet with a 3-year price guarantee, plus:

  • $100 Kinetic Reward Prepaid Mastercard®*

  • FREE Kinetic Secure for 3 months

  • 12 Months FREE Gateway Rental

*See offer conditions

Select Your Windstream Internet Plan

With speeds up to 2 Gigs, home internet has never been faster. Enter your ZIP code to see the best Windstream plans available in your area.

100 Mbps

for 3 years with AutoPay

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  • 3-year price guarantee

  • 12 Months FREE Gateway Rental

  • Basic video streaming

  • Online shopping

  • Email

  • Social media

300 Mbps

with AutoPay

  • 1-year price guarantee

  • Video conferencing

  • Hi-res video streaming

  • Online gaming

  • Multiple connected devices

1 Gig

for 3 months with AutoPay
Price after 3 months: $69.99/mo

  • 2-year price guarantee

  • Glitch free-gaming

  • Seamless video conferencing

  • Instant hi-res streaming

  • Stronger connections for multiple devices

2 Gig

with AutoPay

  • 2-year price guarantee

  • Keep your entire home connected

  • Up to 50X faster upload speeds than basic cable

Windstream reward card
Windstream reward card

Receive a $100 Kinetic Reward Prepaid Mastercard® with Internet Purchase*

*See offer conditions

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Popular Windstream internet features

  • Kinetic Wi-Fi manager: Change your name & password, manage connected devices, and reboot your Gateway.

  • Kinetic Secure by Windstream: Set parental controls & time limits, pause access to your network, and manage device profiles.

  • Wi-Fi extender: Eliminate dead spots in your home & pair with the Kinetic Gateway to ensure a consistent connection in every room.

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Windstream customer service

Get assistance where and when you need it from our dedicated customer support team. Our experts offer support for:

  • Ordering new services

  • Upgrading an existing service

  • Moving locations

  • Tech support and billing